Getting your skin wedding ready!
Rosie-blush-pre-wedding-skincare Rosie-blush-pre-wedding-skincare

So, you’re getting married! Congratulations! Now you’re immersed in the world of bridal social media and up to your eyeballs in Pinterest boards of dresses, flowers, venues, jewellery, shoes and makeup! For those brides to be who don’t wear much makeup, or for those who have every product under the sun in their makeup bag, it’s just as difficult to know where to start! Before we even get on to makeup, it’s really important to firstly address your skincare routine. Words and phrases including peptides, hyaluronic, fruit acids, and glycolic makes the mind boggle!

As a makeup artist, I strongly advise you to set aside some of the wedding budget for an experienced artist – it will be some of the best money you’ll spend on your big day.  You’ll feel it in the way you look and you’ll see it in the photographs!  I’ve been working in the world of beauty for over 12 years. I’ve tried and tested hundreds of brands and products over the years. It takes a LONG time to understand skin types, skin tone, the effects of skincare and make-up products on your skin – those you should use and those to avoid especially on your wedding day!

You can indulge in expensive beautiful beauty products but it’s super important to get your skin ready in the lead up to the big day. Cases of dry skin, dehydrated skin, oily skin, acne prone skin all need individual attention and as such, individual products. I have hundreds of products in my professional kit, each designed for every possible type of client I will see. However at a bridal trial, I will always advise my clients of a skincare regime to start at home. It doesn’t need to be really expensive, but I often find women are only using make up wipes and a simple moisturiser which will do absolutely nothing for your skin. By making a couple of small adjustments, clients will see a huge difference in skin tone, texture and appearance.

So here are my top tips to get your skin ready in the months leading up to your special day. Do all of these and your makeup artist will want to hug you!

WATER – Everyone knows we should be drinking around 2 – 3 litres each day and yet we all have days where we survive on coffee and a diet coke! I see so many clients with dehydrated skin which makes it dull and lacklustre. If you can increase your water intake every single day, you will see such an improvement in the appearance of your skin. Puffy eyes, flakiness, dry lips, and general dullness will start to improve.

EXFOLIATE – Most clients I speak to don’t use an exfoliator, they have no idea what to buy or how many times to use one. Ideally, we should be buffing away those dead skin cells around 3 times a week, depending on the product. It shouldn’t feel too harsh, as we don’t want to strip the skin of its own much needed oils. Cheaper products may do this and may leave it red and irritated especially if the product contains grains or gritty particles. However it’s good to know that some products will still exfoliate the skin without the grain or grit. We all know microbeads have now been banned thank goodness, to save further polluting our oceans. Choose products with Glycolic or Lactic Acid to gently exfoliate and reveal fresh skin. Use once or twice a week or as directed by the brand. There’s a plethora of choice out there, so get trying!

SLEEP – Ok, so there are so many dependant factors on whether we can get the recommended 8 hours every night. Do try to relax and unwind (put away those phones and tablets a couple of hours before bed) and especially in the lead up to the wedding it’s going to be difficult. BUT if you don’t get enough sleep, then it’s going to show around your eyes with puffiness and dark circles. Whilst this can be covered with product, you’ll feel so much better if you’re in a routine of a good nights’ rest.

SKINCARE REGIME – It amazes me how many clients don’t have a structured routine for skincare. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but bear in mind you will get what you pay for. Make sure you are thoroughly cleansing your skin, to rid of impurities twice a day. Use a good day moisturiser with an SPF (UVA and UVB rays will accelerate the ageing process). You could also try an an oil at night for extra hydration, and treat yourself to a few facials leading up to the Big Day. I recommend Dermaplaning, which I offer in my studio, to rid your skin of any vellus hair (the peachy fuzz we all have on our cheeks), and the dead skin cells which naturally build up causing dull and lacklustre skin. This treatment will leave the skin with a lovely glow and an even texture, ready for makeup application that will glide on so smoothly, that you’ll want to make this a regular treat.

DIET – Be kind to yourself, don’t set unrealistic expectations. Include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (especially leafy greens) keep the alcohol to a minimum as this will cause puffiness and redness in the skin, and eat a varied, balanced selection of vitamin rich foods. Fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel, avocados, walnuts, sweet potatoes, broccoli and even dark chocolate (min 70%) are fantastic for your skin.

Just by making some small adjustments to your routine, including some key foods and introducing some targeted skincare products, you will really see and feel a difference.